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Game Shows


This is another unique party for Funtime Kids Parties. Based on our award winning Stage Show "GROSSED OUT GAME SHOW"  (Please click link to see more info) we have created a party that incorporates some of the great games from our childhood and combines them with some new ones of our own devising and turns them into a competative extravaganza!

GAME SHOW - is an Afternoon TV style kids show where the host delivers the laughs and leads the party through a variety of fun. Everyone is invovled no one misses out.

The guests at your party are split into 2 even teams. Those teams then go head to head in games such as "Snot Catcher", "When Ninjas Attack", "Jelly in the Belly" and "Mars Attacks" to name a few. Some games allow for one member of each team to compete in front of their friends, others are for several kids and yet others have the whole group competeing in some of the most fun games you've seen.


1.5 Hour Game Show Party

Package includes

All equipment needed for various games
Small basic sound system to provide soundtrack for games
Professional party host to run the event
15min break for guests to eat and drink

Games include

Snotmaggedon - Race to empty tissue boxes
Mummy Surprise - wrap a parent in toliet paper then have a massive snowball fight
Baby Birdies - How many lolly worms can your team eat.
Chubby Bunny - A CLASSIC
Finding Nemo - Race to get your fish and fishtank to the finish line first and don't let the team captains stop you
No News is Good News - How good are you at tennis?
Mars Attacks - 100s of flying plates attack
Day at the Races - The Ultimate wheel barrow race.
and many more!

$295.00 GST included

Prices apply to locations inside our travel zone. 



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