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LEGO Build & Bash

What's even more fun then building something out of LEGO®? Smashing it up after you're done! Funtime is proud to introduce our new event for future engineers and demolition specialists. We bring the blocks, the mats and everything else that's needed to have an awesome hosted party of BUILDing stuff up and BASHing it down! 


The LEGO® Build-n-Bash Party

What do we provide?

Thousands (literally) of LEGO® blocks in a range of sizes and colours

Minimum one base plate per participant

Pull-back wheel bases

Books and instruction cards for design suggestions

Selection of prizes for participants to win!

A professional children's entertainer to run your event


Games and Challenges include...

Defendable Castle Build & Seige Battle
Bridge Over Troubled Legos Challenge 
RaceCar Build & Demolition Derby

1.5 hour LEGO® Build-n-Bash package
$295.00 GST Included


2 hour LEGO Build-n-Bash package
$350.00 GST Included



 Other Considerations for a Great Party

LEGO® Build & Bash is an indoor party and will require space for all guests to sit and work on the floor.

Maximum numbers of guests depends on age, so we can provide the best possible entertainment.
If Birthday Kid is turning 5 years old, our maximum limit is 12 kids.
If they are 6 years old and older, our maximum limit is 16 kids.

Prices apply to locations inside our travel zone. 



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