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Nerf Wars

 Nerf guns are some of the most popular toys on the market these days and should need no introduction to most parents. This party takes Nerf to a new level as the battle ground is set and two teams go head-to-head in a series of planned games to test their aim, their team work and their ability to plan strategy. All equipment is provided including team vests, safety glasses, tents, tunnels, guns and (of course) hundred of bullets.

We come to a park or location of your choosing, either choose your own or ask us for some park suggestions.


Our hosts arrive 20 - 30min prior to the event start time. They bring all the Nerf equipment need including team vests, safety glasses, tents, tunnels, 2 different types of Nerf guns and (of course) hundred of Nerf darts.  An average party will include numerous games run by our staff, including Team Death Match, Medic,Capture the Flag,Protect the President and many more. The kids break in the middle for a short food break while our staff swap over the Nerf Guns they are using. At the end all the children particpate in collecting the darts before the end of the party. Our hosts are trained in numerous events and will use their experience to adapt the exact structure to ensure that each party is the best party for the guests attending.

Ages: Nerf events are ideal for children aged 8 to 14 years.

Number of Guests: Prices in the packages below are for up to 22 guests.  We do recommend no less than 10 guests to create a great party atmosphere.

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