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Slime Parties

PLEASE NOTE: SLIME PARTIES are not longer available

This is an ideal party event for children between the ages of 8 and 14 who have an interest in sports, competition and (most importantly) SLIME! The Slime parties combine traditional sports and obstacle events with water, mess and FUN!

Your 2 party hosts are experienced children's entertainers who will lead the children through a series of tasks and challenges designed to help the teams work together. At each party Funtime provides a variety of fun challenges for the children to enjoy.

What do we need for a slime party? Space... and the more the better. A big backyard or a local park is ideal. We also MUST have access to a tap that will allow us to run a hose. The slime is made up on site and a number of other events require running water. You provide those and we'll do the rest.

If you want to see truly happy and exhilarated children, then you just can't go past a Slime Spectacular party! The kids will be talking about it for years to come!

Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate... if they dare!


2 Hour Spectacular Slime Party

100+ litres of green cornflour slime
Over 200 pre-filled water balloons
Loads of running and skill based competitions
15-20 min break for you to serve food and drink
Super Slime Obstacle race
Slimey punishments for the losing team
2 professional children's entertainers to run your event

Parents are welcome to participate. You won't get messy... we promise!

Cost of package = $595.00 GST included




Price is for a maximum of 24 guests. Additional guests can be catered for but please enquire when booking.
Funtime Disco recommends at least a minimum of 12 guests when booking this party.
Parties run for approx. 2 hours.

Prices apply to locations inside our travel zone. 


Some of the Slime Party events include...

Viking Helmet hoop-toss
Bucket Relay
Pass the Slime
Colander-Hat Waterbomb catch
Sponge Toss
Super Slime Obstacle race!


Slime parties are only available during the warmer Sydney months. They can't be booked between May and September due to the nature of the party being incompatible with cold weather.

We recommend that all guests be advised to wear old clothes to these parties. We also recommend you advise guests to bring a towel and a change of clothes. They WILL get messy!



Items used for sliming include...

Cornflour based "Slime", eggs, milk, chocolate flavoured sauce and water.
Grand finale punishment slimings include baked beans, creamed corn, spaghetti and custard.



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