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Ultimate Water Wars

PLEASE NOTE: WATER PARTIES will not be available again until SEPTEMBER

Wild water fun! This is a great party for the warmer Australian months. Let the kids run riot armed with water pistols, water bombs, slip-n-slides and a host of other things for the Ultimate Water Wars. Your party host will lead the kids through a series of fun water sport challenges designed to get them drenched and laughing. After the break they return to the field and are split into two teams for the Water Wars to begin. Each kid is equiped with the Water Tag vests and armed with Stream Machine water guns for some serious summer fun! This party is suitable for kids aged 6 to 12 years!


1.5 Hours Ultimate Water Wars Party

Included in the Package

24 x Water Tag vests
24 x Stream Machine water guns
100's of Water Balloons
Slip n' Slide
Buckets, sponges and a selection of other props
Professional party host to run your event

 $350.00 GST Included





Price is for a maximum of 24 guests.
We recommend a minimum of 10 guests when booking this party.

Prices apply to locations inside our travel zone. 


Other Considerations for a Great Party

Ultimate Water Wars is an outdoor party and requires continueous use of a water tap and a flat grassy area.
Could easily be at a park (provided there is a tap) or in a reasonable sized backyard.

Maximum numbers of guests is capped at 24 so we can provide the best possible party.

We recommend this party format for kid of ages 6 to 12 years old.

Water Wars are only available during the warmer Sydney months. They can't be booked between May and September due to the nature of the party being incompatible with cold weather.

We recommend that all guests be advised to wear old clothes to these parties. We also recommend you advise guests to bring a towel and a change of clothes. They WILL get wet!




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