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Hi Jack,

I’ve just left a review on Facebook but want to contact you directly, too. DJ Jeff was fantastic! We’ve had a lot of DJs and that was the most engaged I’ve seen the kids. He was really great at adapting to the VERY different sessions and read the crowds very well. He was so active and in and out of the crowd the whole time. Even our “too cool” Year 6 kids who weren’t as keen to go, had such a great time. Teachers and parents were also very impressed! Can we PLEASE have him for our Halloween Disco?

On a professional note, I worked in some of the biggest night clubs in Chicago for over a decade and have seen a ridiculous number of DJs. So many that couldn’t read a crowd and would continue to play the same thing as people obviously lost interest and left the dance floor. I think Jeff has really great instincts because when the little kids started bunching up at the doors (one misses mum and the others start trying to help) or getting distracted, he changed up the music or started a new game. Then they’d get right back into it. Our older kids session is always way different and needs a different approach. We’ve used some companies that absolutely nail the K-2 but most of them never adapt to the older crowd, even though I gently ask them. I tell them please don’t do YMCA or Baby Shark and to turn down the lights, play more popular/edgy hits and that they love certain kids of contests no kindy games. The only other DJ that has done a great job at both sessions was the girl you sent us last year, Tahlia. She was great!

Sorry for the long message. Thanks again!

Kind regards,

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