Perth Party Packages

Nerf Initiation

NERF and a wide range of skills in stealth, agility, and precision through target practice.

Fun and Games Party

Want all those awesome classic party games but hate the thought of controlling a room full of kids yourself.

Bluey Fun and Games

Perfect for dancing, playing, and loads of fun!

Nerf Wars

High-octane fun for kids aged 8-14.

Disco Party

Where dancing and singing come alive!

School Discos

Including Year 6 Farewells and Dance-a-thons.

Karaoke Disco Party

An average party will include 3 MICROPHONES with plenty of time for the kids to sing their heads off.

Fortnite Nerf

Fortnite Nerf takes both Nerf and FORTNITE to a new level.

Star Warz Nerf Wars

Unleash the Force with our authentic Star Warz Nerf gear!

Beyblade Tournament

An ultimate Beyblade challenge.

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