1 Hour

Karaoke Disco Package
$ 350

1.5 Hour

Karaoke Disco Package
$ 395

2 Hour

Karaoke Disco Package
$ 450

All prices include GST. Quoted prices are for up to 30 children and are for events inside our travel zone.
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Additional Guests

For events exceeding 30 guests, an extra fee of $5 per child applies. Alternatively, you can opt for an upgrade at $55 to accommodate an unlimited number of guests.


If you are outside our travel zone, we are still happy to come to your area for an additional fee. Standard travel fees range from $44 to $88. Please call the office to discuss the charge for your area.

Party FAQs

Some additional information specifically for this party. If the information you were look for isn't here you can try looking on our general FAQ page or contact our office with your questions.

At our Karaoke disco, we don’t display lyrics on a screen like traditional Karaoke setups. Instead, we provide microphones and the regular music tracks for everyone to sing along.

Certainly! While it’s feasible to arrange one of our Karaoke discos in an outdoor setting, there are important considerations to bear in mind. Access to power is crucial, and although we bring an extension lead, additional ones might be necessary if the nearest outlet is out of reach. Additionally, setting up the equipment in an outdoor space requires shading to prevent adverse effects from direct sunlight on the amplifier and speakers. This might diminish the visibility of disco light effects. It’s important to note that as these events are primarily designed for indoor entertainment, we don’t offer free rescheduling in case of inclement weather. Therefore, having a backup indoor location in case of rain is advisable.

That being said, Karaoke Discos are ideally suited for indoor settings. Your home—utilizing spaces like lounge rooms or garages—or a rented hall can serve as fantastic party venues. If you need assistance finding a suitable hall for hire in your area, we recommend reaching out to Scouts Australia as an initial step.

Typically, we’re flexible and can adjust to various locations. Here’s a simple guideline: visualize the group of children you’re inviting standing in a circle. If the space you’re considering allows for this circle comfortably, then it’s usually adequate for a disco.

Our host will require a table and access to a power outlet in the vicinity. Apart from that, we’ll handle everything necessary for the disco itself. Having drinks available for the kids during the event is advisable, as constant dancing can work up quite a thirst.

We kindly ask that you refrain from distributing noise-making party favors or poppers until after the event concludes. Though our hosts are skilled, managing a large group of kids amid blowing whistles and popping streamers can be challenging for anyone to be heard over.

When it comes to our disco parties, there’s virtually no limit. As detailed on the party page, additional charges apply if your event exceeds 30 children, but otherwise, there’s no specific cap. While our hosts have successfully managed events with 200+ children in the past, it’s worth considering that accommodating that many kids might be overwhelming for an average lounge room setting.

To ensure we meet your preferences, please notify us at the time of booking if you require kosher or halal lollies for our game prizes. Additionally, on the day of the event, please inform us of any children with specific allergies or dietary requirements. Our prize packs offer a diverse range of lolly types, and we strive to accommodate most needs when informed in advance.

It’s also beneficial to inform your host about any guests with special needs, such as ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, Down syndrome, or other behavioral conditions. While our events aim to be inclusive for everyone, awareness of these conditions allows our hosts to make slight adjustments in their interactions, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all children.

There aren’t strict age restrictions for our discos. However, we recommend that most children fall between 5 and 10 years old. Children slightly outside this range are still welcome to join in. It’s important to note that our events might be a bit overwhelming for kids under 5 and might not align with the interests of kids over 11. Yet, when the majority of guests fall within the suggested age range, the sense of peer-group often helps overcome these challenges for the few younger or older guests. However, if the majority of guests are substantially older or younger, our experience indicates that our format might not be as successful, and an alternative party format might better suit your event.

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