1.5 Hour

Lego Build and Bash
$ 495

2 Hour

Lego Build and Bash
$ 550

All prices include GST. Quoted prices are for up to 24 children and are for events inside our travel zone.
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Additional Guests

For events with over 24 guests, there's a $5 extra charge per child, up to a maximum of 30 guests. For larger groups with young children, parental supervision is required.


If you are outside our travel zone we are still happy to come to your area for an additional fee.

Party FAQs

Some additional information specifically for this LEGO Build-n-Bash party. If the information you were looking for isn't here you can try looking on our general FAQ page or contact our office with your questions.

LEGO Build-n-Bash events are most enjoyable when held indoors. Your home, particularly lounge rooms or garages, can create fantastic party spaces for this event. Additionally, hired halls serve as excellent venues. If you require assistance in locating a suitable hall in your area, Scouts Australia can be a great starting point for your search.

There are several reasons why LEGO parties are generally better suited for indoor settings rather than outdoor environments:

  1. Safety Concerns: Outdoor conditions can present various safety hazards, such as uneven ground or unpredictable weather, which might pose risks to children playing with small LEGO pieces.

  2. Environmental Factors: Elements like wind, dirt, and moisture can affect the LEGO pieces, making it challenging to manage and keep track of them. Additionally, exposure to sunlight can cause fading or damage to the LEGO blocks.

  3. Space and Stability: Indoor environments provide more stable and controlled spaces, ensuring that LEGO creations remain intact without interference from external factors like wind or uneven surfaces.

  4. Organization and Cleanup: Indoor locations make it easier to set up, organize, and clean up the LEGO pieces after the party, reducing the risk of losing small parts or creating a mess in an outdoor setting.

  5. Controlled Atmosphere: Indoors, there’s better control over distractions and external influences, allowing children to focus more on their creations and activities without interruptions.

Overall, indoor settings offer a more controlled and conducive environment for LEGO parties, ensuring a safer, more enjoyable, and organized experience for the participants.

LEGO Build-n-Bash events can be adapted to various locations, but ample space is essential. We bring three large bags filled with LEGO blocks and require room for setting up a short race track and a designated “demolition zone” for specific activities. An open-plan lounge/dining area with furniture mostly removed or a largely vacant double garage should offer sufficient space to accommodate the event’s needs.

Our host kindly requests that you provide a table for the event. Rest assured, we’ll supply everything else needed for the LEGO party.

Additionally, it’s advisable to have napkins or sanitary hand wipes available for the kids to use after eating and before they resume their LEGO building activities.

Kindly refrain from bringing your own LEGO to the event to avoid any accidental mix-up during the pack-up at the end of the day.

Moreover, we kindly ask that noise-making party favors or party poppers be held off until after the disco has concluded. Managing a large group of kids amidst the noise of whistles and popping streamers can be challenging for anyone, even our capable hosts.

We highly recommend informing your host if any guests have specific needs, such as ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, Down syndrome, or other behavioral conditions. While our events aim to be inclusive for everyone, having awareness of children with these conditions enables the host to adjust their approach slightly, especially when interacting with these individuals, ensuring they feel secure and fully included in the activities.

Our LEGO events have a maximum capacity of 20 guests. This limitation is due to several factors, including the capacity for safe supervision of children, the equipment provided, and the pace of the games. While we can sometimes accommodate additional guests, this must be discussed with our office during booking, as it may involve reserving two full party kits and hosts. We strongly advise adhering to the 20-guest limit if feasible, as our party format is optimized to deliver the best experience within these numbers.

There are no strict age limits for our LEGO Build-n-Bash parties. However, we suggest that most children fall between 5 and 10 years old. Kids slightly outside this range are welcome to join in the fun. It’s important to note that LEGO activities require a certain level of dexterity, which might pose challenges for children under 5 years old. Additionally, kids over 11 years old might find the activities less engaging.

Typically, when the majority of kids are within the suggested age range, the sense of belonging to a peer group often overcomes any difficulties for the few guests outside that range. However, when most guests are either older or younger, our experience suggests that our format might not be as successful. In such cases, an alternative party format could be more suitable for your event.

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