Nerf Initiation

Nerf Initiation is designed to acquaint younger children with NERF, offering a diverse set of lessons in stealth, agility, and precision. This program involves target practice, engaging challenges, and adapted games that culminate in team-versus-team Nerf Wars. All necessary equipment, such as team vests, safety glasses, combat tents, tunnels, Nerf Blasters, and hundreds of darts, is provided for participants.

1.5 Hour

Nerf initiation Package
$ 495

Additional Guests

Exceeding 22 guests? Contact us. Opt for our "Extra children" pack at $100 for 8 additional sets. Beyond 30 children, get an extra Host for $200. Contact for detailed terms.


If you are outside our travel zone, we are still happy to come to your area for an additional fee. Standard travel fees range from $44 to $88. Please call the office to discuss the charge for your area.

Party FAQs

Some additional information specifically for Nerf Initiation please see below. If the information you were look for isn't here you can try looking on our general FAQ page or contact our office with your questions.

If the 24-hour forecast predicts rainfall between 0-4mm the day before, our event can proceed as planned. However, if the forecast indicates heavier rainfall, we have alternative options available:

Utilize a spacious indoor hall for hosting the party.

Transition to an indoor party package like Disco, Lego, or Beyblade Party.

Consider rescheduling the event for a later date.

Nerf events thrive in outdoor settings. Ideally, we seek parks near your residence featuring a flat terrain with scattered trees, providing tactical cover during games. Explore our recommended park options suitable for Nerf activities. Alternatively, we can utilize a grass playing field as an alternative venue.

As a general reference for Nerf Initiation parties hosting the typical number of children (ranging from 12 to 22 guests), we recommend a space no smaller than a tennis court (approximately 24m x 10m). Whenever feasible, larger spaces are preferred, but this measurement serves as a useful guideline when scouting for potential locations.

Nerf parties involve high activity levels, and it’s essential for kids to have access to drinks to stay hydrated. Additionally, having snack foods available during breaks is beneficial. Apart from that, we supply all the necessary equipment required for the event.

It’s recommended that you refrain from bringing your own Nerf Blasters or darts to avoid any confusion regarding equipment ownership and potential conflicts among the kids during the games. If you do bring your Nerf gear, we advise keeping it packed separately until after the hosted event concludes.

We highly recommend informing your host if any guests have special needs, such as ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, Down syndrome, or other behavioral conditions. While our events aim to be inclusive for everyone, being aware of these conditions enables the host to adjust their approach slightly, especially when interacting with these children, ensuring they feel safe and included during the event.

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