Bluey Party

Bluey parties have all you could want in a party. Pass the parcel, Keepy Uppy, musical statues and so much more. We keep them dancing and playing while you sit back and enjoy the party.

1 Hour

Bluey Party Package
$ 395
All prices include GST. Quoted prices are for up to 16 children and are for events inside our travel zone

Additional Guests

If you are going to have more than 16 guests at your event we charge an additional $5 per child for a maximum of 20 children.


Please CLICK HERE to view a map of our standard travel zone. If you are outside the area shown we may charge an additional fee.

Party FAQs

Some additional information specifically for this party. If the information you were look for isn't here you can try looking on our general FAQ page or contact our office with your questions.

This celebration is adaptable for both indoor and outdoor settings, and the chosen location guides the party’s format. Our entertainer customizes the event, selecting the most suitable party games that align with the environment. Whether it’s your home, a park, an open space, or a rented hall, this party can thrive in various locations.

We’re flexible and can usually adjust to different locations. Here’s a simple guideline: picture the group of children you’re inviting standing in a circle. If you believe the space you have in mind would comfortably accommodate this circle of children, then it’s typically sufficient for the Bluey party.

We kindly ask that you refrain from distributing any noise-making party favors or party poppers until after the party concludes.

To ensure we meet dietary preferences, please let us know at the time of booking if you require kosher or halal lollies for our game prizes. On the event day, kindly inform us about any children with specific allergies or dietary needs. Our prize packs include a diverse range of lolly types, and we can generally accommodate most requirements if informed in advance.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to inform your host if any guests have special needs, such as ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, Down syndrome, or other behavioral conditions. While our events aim to be inclusive, being aware of these conditions enables the host to slightly adjust their approach, particularly when interacting with these children, ensuring they feel safe and included.

For our Bluey parties, we have a set limit of 20 participating guests. This limitation is due to several factors, such as ensuring safe supervision of the children, providing ample equipment, and maintaining an appropriate pace during the games. Occasionally, we can accommodate more guests, but this necessitates a discussion with our office during booking, often requiring the reservation of two hosts.

We highly suggest keeping your guest list within the 20-person limit if feasible, as our party structure is optimized to deliver its best experience within this range.

Our preferred age range is between 4 and 7 years old.

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