Lego Build and Bash

Step right into the world of energetic engineers and demolition dynamos! Get ready for a mind-blowing indoor extravaganza that’s a blast for everyone aged 5-12!

Imagine this: BUILD towering castles that withstand the mighty force of MEGA NERF BLASTERS, but watch out—they’ll be BASHed down with gusto! Then, rev up your creativity to CONSTRUCT awesome cars and put them to the ultimate test in our DEMOLITION DERBY! Or let loose your imagination with a FREE BUILD using our colossal collection of LEGO bricks—seriously, it’s so vast, the only limit is how far your imagination can soar! 

Come join us for an indoor fun-fest that’s bursting at the seams with excitement and invention! It’s a playground of possibilities for every junior inventor and demolition mastermind out there!

Price including GST Hourly Duration Children Capacity
$550 1.5hrs 20
$660 2 x 1hr sessions 40
$770 3 x 1hr sessions 60
$880 4 x 1hr sessions 80

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